January 31, 2014



Hi Jim
Thank you for the great news!!  We are so excited to own our first home!! :)
It was such a pleasure working with you and we are so grateful that we had you to walk us through this entire process.  Thank you for being patient with us and always willing and available to answer any of our questions.  We would not hesitate to refer you to any of our friends/family that may be in the market for a home/loan in the future.  
I hope you have a great day and thanks again!


 We are all moved in. Living out of some boxes but that's ok. This time we will fully unpack everything since we own and don't rent. After our last move we never really wanted to be unpacked all the way so we didn't feel like we were stuck at an apartment, I guess that worked out. Thanks again for the great work and all the help and advice you provided us with. We will refer you to family and friends, and when we look to refinance or purchase again, we will only call you.

 Shawn and Candi



Sorry it has taken so long, but we don't have internet access at our "new" house. But I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for always answering your phone. Thank you for always returning emails. Thank you for always explaining the ins and outs of the home buying/mortgage business to us. Thank you for helping us get our dream home. I know we were a bit...high maintenance, but I hope we were not too much of a bother. We are loving life in our new home. It definitely was worth the 6 month wait. Thanks again for everything. Let us know if there is anything else we need to do. (Besides paying the Mortgage.....ha ha)


Brian Sippel


P.S. I also talked with Russ about the possibility of all of us getting together to play some golf. Let me know if you are interested. 


 From: Kim Tatum Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 4:27 PM 
To: Jim Sroka 
Subject: We are so Happy!

Thank you Jim!! When we started we had many credit challenges. You took time in both explaining and helping us get to a point where we could actually enjoy the American dream of home ownership. We didn’t think this would be possible, but with you help we were able to tackle our past debt problems to the point we were able to increase our credit score substantially. Again, we thank you so much and will refer our friends and family to you. Kim Tatum


Thank you! Thank you for holding our hand during the process and especially for answering our never ending questions! We are so happy with your services. I will tell my coworkers and family of your services.



Jim Sroka

From: Shawn Terry  Sent: Friday, August 28,  11:49 AM To: Jim Sroka Cc: Dave Sutter Subject: Re: Loan Funded


Thanks! We wouldn't have been able to do it without your assistance. We could have still been waiting for an appraisal if we stayed with Bank of America. I have already had the opportunity to tell a co‐worker how you helped us and I will tell many more.

Thanks again




Portia Kruise




Thank you


Tuesday, August 24, 2010 11:22:01 AM

Hey Jim—

Thank you for the email yesterday.. Sorry I could not get back with you sooner. Its been a crazy few days and promises to get even crazier! Work is nuts, my dad is coming from Palm Springs to help us paint.

I do thank you for all of your work on my file and supporting my "issues". I would not hesitate to work with you in the future.

Have a great day.

Portia Kruse Underwriter Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


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